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Ceiling Track Lift Systems is committed to equipping homes and healthcare institutions with ingenious solutions to improve quality of life.


Creating stress-free environments to move people around, promote self-sufficiency, and increase productivity

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Making Everyday Life Easier

Ceiling Track Lift Systems specializes in equipping homes and healthcare facilities with solutions that aid patient mobility and ambulation. Our services cover assessment and planning, construction and installation of lift systems, training personnel, maintenance, and home automation.

  • Assessment and Planning

    Our team conducts on-site inspections and needs assessment to identify the appropriate lift system or home automation tool for the patient and caregiver.

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  • Installation

    We guarantee that installations are finished on schedule and as quickly as possible without compromising quality and usability of the lift systems and smart home equipment.

  • Home Automation

    We ensure that all home automation tools are consistent and compatible with the patient and caregivers’ needs and capabilities.

  • Training

    We equip care providers with knowledge on handling and basic troubleshooting for the successful implementation of our lift and smart home systems.

  • Maintenance

    Our service warranty includes maintenance of the installed equipment and tracks.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Support & Advice

With thorough assessment and planning, we create innovative and effective strategies in aiding mobility, tailored to the needs and layout of homes and healthcare facilities.

Top Class Service

Our mobility experts and engineers utilize only superior hardware and parts to build your lift systems and commit to providing fast installation and long-term maintenance.

Trusted by healthcare Providers

Ceiling Track Lift Systems offers cost-efficient solutions that not only benefit patients but also increase staff efficiency and promote the health and well-being of caregivers.

Ceiling Track Lift Installation Services

Moving around should be simple and convenient for everyone. That is where our disabled patient lift system installation services come in.

Need expert Advice?

Looking for the right solution to improve your patient handling systems? Reach out to us and let's discuss about it.


CA License Number: 829477

Ceiling Track Lift Systems is composed of a dedicated team of mobility experts committed to relieve you of the challenges that hinder safe patient transfers and ambulation.

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