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Disabled Patient Lift Track Systems | Ceiling Track Rails Los Angeles

If you or a loved one in your home is permanently disabled, mobility can become a serious issue. You might need help with completing simple daily tasks around the house.

And when you need that extra bit of assistance, you may not always want to call someone for help. But even if you desire independence, you still need some type of aid. Ceiling Track Lift Systems can provide the help you need by installing a lift track system in your home.

Why Choose Ceiling Track Lift Systems?

Our company has been serving residential customers for more than 20 years by installing ceiling track rails and related components. We also provide on-call services to help Los Angeles and southern CA homeowners keep their systems in peak condition.

When we send one of our teams to your home, we’re always professional, courteous, and skilled at servicing your equipment. Checking with our past customers through testimonials and reviews will confirm that we always provide the highest level of quality service. We’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

What Do Disabled Patient Lift Track Systems Include?

We’ll start by measuring your home for ceiling track rails, which are the basic supports for the lift system. You can have the rails installed in a bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else you want the extra help and improved mobility. You can even request that multiple areas be equipped with rails for improved mobility throughout your space.

After professionally installing the rails, we’ll attach the lift device, which can consist of support straps or a full seat for better support. No matter what model you choose for the rooms in your Los Angeles home, our lift track systems for disabled patients will provide adequate assistance. Each unit supports individuals weighing up to 600 pounds.

Our lift devices come equipped with handlebars to make it easier to lift yourself up into the supports. As we evaluate your needs for one of our disabled patient lift track systems, we’ll help you choose one that you’ll be able to operate without extra assistance. Our goal is to ensure you’re completely mobile after the installation.

Our systems include extra features as well. Many of our systems have device chargers and charging stations since we know our disabled customers rely on their mobile devices. Each lift system comes with a handheld control pad that’s easy for anyone to use. Even those with vision impairments or arthritis will find the large buttons easy to operate.

Where Should You Install Ceiling Track Rails?

The locations in your home that will need lift track systems for disabled patients will depend on your individual needs. If you’re injured or temporarily disabled, you may only need limited assistance in specific areas. For example, you might need help getting into or out of bed. In that case, we can easily install a small system for that single purpose.

We can also install a ceiling track lift system that make it easier for you to use your toilet or bathtub. Having a lift system in your bathroom can help you even if you’re only partially disabled. The extra support will help you stay steady in situations in which your balance and coordination might become compromised, such as on a wet, sleek surface.

If you’re permanently disabled, ask Ceiling Track Lift Systems about installing disabled patient lift track systems for the whole house. We can run ceiling track rails into your living room and other areas that you might not otherwise have considered. This makes it easy for you to go about your day without risking an accident or injury.

What Benefits Do Lift Track Systems for Disabled Patients Provide?

It can be difficult to admit that you need extra help. Once you come to that realization, though, it won’t take long to realize that a lift system can be extremely beneficial. It can help you in ways you might not have imagined, making it easier for you to live your life. You’ll be able to stay at home without making serious alterations to your living space.

Live More Independently

Even if you live with a spouse or an adult child, you might not like to ask them for help each time you need to use the bathroom or get out of bed. Ceiling Track Lift Systems will help you feel less burdensome on your loved ones by putting your mobility back into your own hands.

Save Money on In-Home Care Costs

Many disabled people live their daily lives without requiring the care of medical professionals — yet they do need help with simple tasks. If you only need a little help with your mobility, installing a ceiling track lift system can reduce your need for in-home care aides. You may be able to reduce the hours that aides spend in your home, or you may no longer need their services at all.

Reduce the Clutter in a Confined Living Space

You might think that you get along just fine with wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, but think about the clutter these items create when they aren’t in use. Ideally, these devices are best used for leaving the home.

However, using them indoors can become cumbersome. You can keep these items stored away in a closet when you install ceiling track rails in your southern CA home.

You’ll be able to use the ceiling lift system exclusively in your home, and you’ll keep the clutter out of the way. This is going to make it easier to move around without having to worry about tripping over walkers and other devices that aren’t in use.

Feel More Confident When You’re Alone

How many times have you hesitated to go to the bathroom or to your bedroom because you knew no one would be available to help you if you fell? Your loved ones won’t always be around, and hiring a 24/7 live-in caregiver isn’t financially feasible for most people.

Installing a lift track system will give you the confidence to live freely. You can go to the bathroom on your own without having to worry about falling with this type of system. You can also spend more time sitting in your living room since you won’t need a caregiver to put you to bed before they leave for the day.

How Long Does a Ceiling Lift System Last?

As with any mechanical device, a ceiling lift system will last longer when you take better care of it. This starts with making sure you choose a system that can handle your weight and the frequency of use.

For that reason, we at Ceiling Track Lift Systems start with an on-site evaluation. We’ll help you choose the system that can handle your physique and the amount of time you’ll spend using the system.

We’ll also teach you how to use the lift system since improper use can shorten the device’s lifetime. Before we leave, we’ll make you feel completely comfortable with using your new system. This is a good time for you to ask all of the questions you have about the care and operation of your new lift system.

Finally, we’ll discuss our warranty and maintenance programs with you. In addition to the manufacturer’s parts warranty, we offer a service warranty. We’ll also set up a maintenance schedule for your system to keep it working in premium condition.

These steps will ensure that you can rely on your ceiling lift system for many years. If any issues do arise, Ceiling Track Lift Systems is only a phone call away.

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We understand how big a difference increased mobility in your home can make — and we are prepared to help you achieve just that. To get your free estimate, contact us today.


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